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Clean and Repair Windows Registry

Nagging Windows Registry Errors and Why Ignoring Them is Not a Good Idea

If you are a seasoned windows user, you might have come across some nagging windows problems which often interrupt your work. There are various types of windows errors such as Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), General Protection Errors (GPS), IOS Error, FAT errors, etc. These errors needs to be rectified immediately, ignoring them can cause more damages in terms of program corruption and data loss.

Most windows errors are caused due to problems in the windows registry. Before going in to details, first let us understand what the windows registry is all about and how it is crucial for your computer. The registry is nothing but an encrypted database that windows uses to run the system smoothly. The windows registry tells the OS (operating system) what to do and when to do it. The OS reads the registry entries before starting any function and performs them accordingly. In short, the windows registry controls the entire function of the windows system. By adding or changing a few entries in the windows registry you can completely change the behavior of the OS.

The most common windows error is Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). As the name suggests a blue color screen appears on your monitor while booting the system displaying some messages and values. Then the system halts without proceeding further. You will have no other options but to restart the system again. There are various reasons for this error, but you'll find that the issue will lie within your windows registry. BSOD is caused by invalid entries, or file errors such as outdated version, etc.

There is not a single program that rectifies all the problems in the windows registry. This is because all software deals with a certain part of registry. One needs to go through the user manuals to know what they can fix. Generally, there are two types of windows registry problems. One is due to corruption of registry database and the other is due to invalid entries in the windows registry. Identifying the registry database corruption is not an easy task.

However, there are some clues that can make your task easier. Stuck Keys, as Microsoft calls them, are the keys that are important to run the system smoothly. The stuck keys are invisible; you cannot edit, delete or modify them. If you go through every key using RegEdit, you can identify one that has an error. There are some other tools available to identify corrupted stuck keys in the registry. Another method of locating corrupted stuck keys is by checking the windows boot log. Here you will find the failed registry entry details.

After identifying the cause, you need to fix the registry problem. In most cases you need to recreate the registry by reformatting the hard disk and reloading the OS. It is a tedious and time consuming task as you have to install and configure all software that is in use. Fortunately, you don't have to go through all these hectic processes. There are registry cleaners available on the market that can scan the registry and fix the errors. However, the effectiveness of such programs highly depends on the severity of damages.


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